Digital & Software

Digital technologies are rewriting the rules of how physical and virtual products are engineered, manufactured, and used with endless possibilities.

Our Digital and Software Engineering Services bring together the physical and digital worlds with technology, engineering and manufacturing expertise to boost business competitiveness.

Our comprehensive digital engineering solutions are a key part of our Intelligent Industry vision. They cover everything from design, through manufacturing, to operations and support.

We help global companies to achieve the full potential of their product portfolios and manufacturing efficiencies by harnessing the power of data to foster innovation, create new customer experiences, and deliver new sources of value.

5G innovation and Edge computing are the foundation of data-driven transformation. They will change the way everyone – companies, governments and consumers – interacts and does business, leading to ground-breaking innovations and services.

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Our software frameworks help clients leverage standard software and components to accelerate development of connected solutions.

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Our client, serving one million developer accounts in 180 countries found itself overloaded with manual work and needed to update its portal interface. It turned to Lohika to build 15+ backend services and APIs and 50+ front-end tools that replaced the manual work. Also, Lohika developed a test automation framework and implemented a set of end-to-end automated test suites—both for API and UI—and redesigned a user-friendly extendable self-service portal, which increased performance by 30%.