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Your partner in navigating crucial moments of complexity

In the life of every business there are crucial moments where having aligned, engaged, and empowered stakeholders is essential. The ASE (Accelerated Solutions Environment) is your partner in these moments.

We design and deliver dynamic, empowering experiences that create the right conditions to unleash group genius. Using our unique combination of capabilities, we strip away the rational, emotional and political blockers that get in the way of powerful, transformative business outcomes.

By unlocking this human potential, we enable teams, projects and organizations to connect differently. This creates the passion, engagement, alignment and momentum you need to get the future you want.​

    The power of the ASE

    While every ASE experience is unique, they are each designed to generate breakthroughs to stronger outcomes.

    Clarity and alignment

    Our ASE experiences uncover the true blockers to success, inspiring deeper levels of conversation, problem-solving and decision-making. It’s not always comfortable, but delivers the clarity, alignment and momentum businesses need to move forward.

    Roadmap for success

    Engaging with the ASE enables organizations to develop a roadmap for success. Whether that is a charter, a vision, a documented strategy, or an integrated program plan.

    Risk mitigation

    Partnering with the ASE can de-risk a project by ensuring challenges are explored, decisions are made collectively, and everyone is empowered and engaged to move forward together with a clear plan.


    An ASE experience can accelerate months of traditional engagement by getting whole systems together to work differently.

      Co-designing and facilitating events that help teams navigate moments of large-scale complexity, where the outcomes will determine significant business change – from vision and strategy, to implementation, adoption, and triple bottom line thinking.

      DesignShop: It’s not a workshop… it’s a DesignShop. A DesignShop is an intense, creative, multi-day event that guides large, diverse sets of stakeholders through the creative process to rapidly co-create and align on actionable solutions and a path forward. DesignShops are particularly well-suited to address wicked problems: those previously deemed unsolvable, that have considerable uncertainty and ambiguity, and/or intense political and emotional blockers to success.

      Discovery Day: Gather a small team of decision-makers to explore the art of the possible, better understand the options available to them, and agree on where to start – all while experiencing our unique, collaborative process.

      Bringing to life your most complex ideas and challenges through a range of visually dynamic and compelling products. We enrich stories, give clarity to complexity and amplify ideas.

      More than just creating inspiring, engaging imagery, we use our experience in creative consultancy to help you explore the story you want to tell and believe that the journey can be as valuable as the visualization itself.

      Working with our designers in this way can unlock different ways of thinking, spark new conversations that weren’t previously possible, and create new ways of engaging your people, customers and stakeholders.

      Helping you take the ‘ASE way of working’ back to your organization. From Collaborative Facilitation to Emotional Intelligence, we enable teams and organizations to develop the core disciplines of the ASE’s methodologies and collaborative, whole-person culture to transform how you work from the inside out.

      We intentionally design an experiential training curriculum and programs navigating across rational, political and emotional domains. 

      Our ASE team has been developing and exemplifying a collaborative and whole-person culture for 25+ years and we are excited to share our way of working to help your team and organization develop these capabilities. 

      Creating a platform for your people to connect and engage on business challenges from across the breadth of your organization. This empowers individuals to generate ideas, big or small, that can drive innovative solutions and meaningful change.

      Crowd innovation is best used for challenges where you want to create opportunities for collaboration across different areas of your business, diversity in your potential solutions and buy-in to the ideas that get implemented.​

      We work with senior leaders to define the right questions that unlock these problems and determine the best approach to engaging your crowd to answer them.​

      Harnessing the full power of our design, facilitation, storytelling, and visualization expertise, we work with you across the life of a project or program to rapidly articulate challenges, overcome resistance or misalignment, and make decisions.

      Global locations and contacts

      We are a global capability within Capgemini, able to design and lead dynamic experiences, wherever you need us to be – in person, virtually or in combination.​

      Contact one of our ASE team members to learn more about how we can help you get the future you want.

      Indumathi Mulakaluri
      Tel: +91 998 978 3332

      Anuradha Pandrinki
      Tel: +91 905 288 5255

      Elisabetta Maffia
      Tel: +39 06 231901

      Wim Wensink
      Tel: +31 6 4794 2312

      Sandy Worthing
      Tel: +1 734 4762525

      Marite Metsla
      Tel: +65 8295 9550

      Rachael Normanton
      Tel: +44 870 9046405