Intelligent Customer Operations

Drive a frictionless customer experience across your organization by implementing a scalable, cloud-based, omnichannel platform that puts your customers at the center.

Our Intelligent Customer Operations solution offer leverages a human-centric design approach that integrates humans and machines to deliver a digital, AI-infused ecosystem of connected, persona-influenced services and platforms.

Our solution this enables you to drive a more meaningful, productive, and frictionless relationship between your customers and employees, delivering enhanced business value across three main areas: Intelligent Customer Interactions, Connected Marketing Operations, and Digital Sales Operations..

      What we do

      Deliver frictionless, digitally-augmented global marketing operations.

      Capgemini’s Connected Marketing Operations solution delivers frictionless, digitally-augmented, data-driven marketing operations that drives a more agile connections and seamless experience with your customers. This is critical in transforming your business, shaping new consumer values, and driving sales.

      Our next-generation digital marketing solutions leverage innovative marketing technologies to enrich your digital strategy with relevant insights and data, maximize your campaign and channel reach, and drive operational excellence and efficiency across your marketing function.

      This drives a range of enhanced business outcomes, including 50% reduction in cost of operations, 35% increase in lead conversion rate, 50% increase in customer reach, and 30% faster speed to market.

      Drive enhanced engagement and loyalty through delivering a frictionless customer experience

      Our Intelligent Customer Interactions solution puts your customers at the center of your business. Our goal is to deliver a digitally-augmented yet human-centric experience on behalf of your organization.

      Our solution is a next-generation digital contact center service solution leveraging AI augmentation to deliver a persona-influenced service design that integrates humans and machines. This enables you to drive a more meaningful, emotive and frictionless relationship with your customers.

      Our committed enhanced business outcomes include a personalized customer experience, an omnichannel customer journey, an improved Net Promoter Score, and enhanced customer engagement.

      Implement a touchless, data-driven, omnichannel sales journey tailored to your market segments

        Intelligent Customer Operations for Healthcare

        Drive frictionless patient and member experiences

        Intelligent Customer Ops for Healthcare: Life Sciences and Med-Tech

        Drive frictionless patient and customer experiences

        Intelligent Customer Operations for Tech Product Support

        Drive frictionless customer experiences across product and technical support operations

        Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect

        Drive frictionless, omnichannel customer experiences with Amazon Connect

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