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Intelligent operations for energy, utilities, and chemicals – smart assets

Capgemini’s Smart Assets deliver increased safety, stronger asset integrity, sustainable operations, and optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Owner operators are facing a number of challenges, including an aging asset base, regulatory demands, poor data quality, scarcity of operational resources, sustainability, rising cyber threats, and lack of flexibility of processes. The pace of digital adoption across the sector shows no sign of slowing and asset owners who fail to keep up risk losing market share.

Transformation is typically a long road and paved with challenges. Capgemini is the strategic technology partner to support this journey with services and core business-process models across the asset lifecycle.

Capgemini provides the frameworks, business-process models, deep industry knowledge, and leading technology partnerships to help craft solutions for the following domain areas.

We help customers shift from scheduling maintenance to optimizing it by leveraging modern data infrastructure and geospatial technologies and maximizing new and existing operational technologies to transform enterprise asset management.

Build and orchestrate successful project governance and minimize delivery risk, planning, and budgeting for the entire operations and maintenance space. Capgemini helps customers make technology decisions based on specific business outcomes. We decode the growing complexity in the OT space so customers can realize value faster.

Capgemini’s smart assets offerings are part of our intelligent manufacturing and supply chain offers. This ties together Capgemini’s ability to not only support the transformation needed in the asset space, but also in production optimization, connected/digital worker, and supply chain. This complete suite of Intelligent Operations offers enables end-to-end transformation in the heart of your business.

Client stories

Research and insights

    Intelligent operations

    Disruption, saturation, personalization, and sustainability are triggering transformation across entire value chains. 

    Reflect IoD

    Digital twin for augmented asset operation

    Revolutionize manufacturing with a computer-vision framework

    Leverage AI and the metaverse to create a safer and more productive facility

    Digital Twins: Adding Intelligence to the Real World

    As customer preferences and regulations evolve amid increasing concerns about climate change, organizations are looking for new ways to accelera

      Meet our experts

      Mike Duffy

      VP, Intelligent Operations for Energy, Utilities and Chemicals
      Mike Duffy leads Intelligent Operations in the US supporting Energy, Utilities, and Chemicals (EUC) customers. His experience in asset management and digital transformations in production, process manufacturing, generation and transmission helps the Capgemini team realize value at scale for their customers.

      Marion Miller

      IT Transformation Director, Energy, Utilities & Chemicals
      Agile transformation leader enabling clients to harness the power of agility and self-service analytics tools to become more efficient and effective.

      Drake Ryans

      Strategist, frog Part of Capgemini Invent
      As a Strategist at frog, Part of Capgemini Invent, Drake focuses on helping clients define and achieve their growth objectives while pioneering innovative business models, products, and services. In today’s world, where technology serves as a platform for industry disruption, Drake believes the future is ripe for those that can harness its potential to create products and services that benefit both the planet and consumers.