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Capgemini and InsideBoard

The partnership to deliver intelligent data driven change management

Embarking upon a digital transformation is one thing. But sustaining its benefits is quite another. Today’s transformational initiatives have become increasingly dynamic, with an unpredictable trajectory that is influenced by multiple feedback loops. The solution is intelligent change management – and that’s why Capgemini has launched a corporate venture with InsideBoard.

“I am a big fan of InsideBoard’s Training Path functionality: we noted that our employees now visit our training platform more frequently. It really is a success!”

Head of Digital Transformation Program, Leading Energy Client

Introducing InsideBoard

InsideBoard is the first artificial intelligence (AI) digital platform for change management. The all-in-one platform is designed to help organizations achieve a 100% successful transformation – from onboarding to adoption, to increasing performance and ROI. It delivers success by inspiring employees’ interest and involving them in in every stage of the journey.

Delivering software as a service (SaaS), and powered by AI, InsideBoard combines KPIs with communities to accelerate change management for every employee through different levers of engagement (success boosters).

Why we are partners

As enterprises launch digital transformation initiatives, they often find that results fall short of expectations, especially for large transformation such as CRM, ERP and Procurement tool implementation. End user adoption declines rapidly after initial take-up, and it quickly becomes clear that improved management of the user community is required. However, by increasing employee interest and engagement it’s possible to achieve – and sustain – transformation.

Driving more business collaboration, agility, efficiency, and growth is essential – and that’s why Capgemini partners with InsideBoard. Together, we deliver a seamless and personalized experience, delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

What we love about InsideBoard

We combine our capabilities

To help clients accelerate and sustain their transformations through intelligent data-driven change management

We bring together the best

Of our Change Management Advisory Services with InsideBoard’s SaaS platform and support services

We deliver a holistic change platform

That’s fit for technology-enabled transformations, as well as people and culture transformations

We harness the power of AI

And data to positively impact the course of complex transformation projects

We leverage our corporate ventures

To open up new consulting opportunities, while supporting user engagement and adoption

InsideBoard helps companies to drive higher engagement, faster adoption and lower transformation costs, enhance all stages of change management, from start to sustained performance and at least double their adoption rate.

Find out more

Learn more about the power of our startup catalyst partnership with InsideBoard