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We’ll help you explore your sustainability strategy, create new business models, and plan your transformation path.

Together we formalize your commitment to sustainability transformation. After a strong assessment of the transition risks and opportunities, we help define your organization’s sustainable purpose, looking at your goals and objectives. Then we identify your vision and pathway to decarbonization, helping you build the right organization and governance to realize your ambition.

Where necessary, we help you implement new, transformative, business models that will drive change. Of course, we also collaborate with you to engage the best talents. And we assist you in inspiring stakeholders to support your low carbon transformation.

We work with you closely as you set your climate vision and engage with your stakeholders to secure an efficient and effective low-carbon transition.

Fit for net zero

55 Tech Quests to accelerate Europe’s recovery and pave the way to climate neutrality.

What we do

How can you achieve business resilience, optimal resource management throughout the value chain, reduced exposure to price volatility and supply chain risks, and be socially responsible as well?

Companies on the verge of a resource crisis should consider the concept of circular economy. More than recycling and mitigating risk, it’s becoming a commercial imperative, with potential to create business growth.  That’s where Capgemini’s Circular Economy solution can help.

How can the modern enterprise achieve a 45% cut in CO2 emissions by 2030 and become net zero by 2050?

That’s what it will take to achieve the carbon reduction targets linked to the international Paris Agreement. While many organizations have made climate pledges, they often struggle to take the next step. Our net zero strategy offers a solution.

Is it possible to operate a business that meets the needs of people and planet while also making a profit?

With our help, yes! We’re helping our clients build new business models for the sustainable economy with a focus on four key areas:

– Sustainable Experience
– Regenerative Ventures
– Next Economy Brand
– Next Economy Team

Tune in to sustainability

An inside look at the car sharing industry, from the leaders of Volvo Car Mobility.

On Pulse – kestävän kasvun jäljillä

Kestävä liiketoiminta on meidän kaikkien etu ja samalla ainoa vaihtoehto. Vastuullisuudesta ja ympäristövaikutusten minimoinnista on puhuttu jo paljon, eivätkä pelkät sanat enää riitä. Tarvitaan tekoja, jotka aiheuttavat muutosta omassa organisaatiossa ja sen ulkopuolella.

Expert perspectives

Our experts

Benjamin Alleau

Managing Director of Enterprise Transformation, Capgemini Invent
With more than 20 years professional experience in consulting along with strategic account management, Benjamin has always had the passion for using technology to improve core processes and support strategic imperatives such as sustainability goals.

Arthur Arrighi de Casanova

Head of Sustainability Futures, Capgemini Invent France
Having graduated from Ecole des Mines de Nancy and ENSTA Paristech, Arthur has over 10 years of experience working within the consulting business. At Capgemini Invent, he has exclusively led Sustainability and Energy Transition engagements, supporting clients in the creation of climate and growth strategies, renewables development, green power sourcing, market analysis, transformational roadmaps, business due-diligence, new business model design, and go-to-market support. In the future, Arthur intends to continue to grow our teams and capabilities to further contribute to our Group’s mission to create a sustainable future.