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Digital Factory

70% of companies are looking to accelerate their digital transformation post-pandemic. Clients want to bring products to market faster, reduce their costs and create new experiences for their users in their marketplace.

About Us

Our ambition is to enable clients to accelerate the shaping and delivery of their digital products and services by building and staffing user-centric factory engines.

Within the Digital Factories Tribe of the Business Technology Practice, we understand that technology-driven business transformation requires cross-functional teams who can work together, testing-and-learning, driving continuous business performance improvement.

What we are looking for

Our team is a real mix in terms of experience and skills, but we all have a joint interest in doing cool stuff with technology for our clients.
We are looking for people who are..

  • Passionate about delivering user centred products and services for the end user.
  • Wanting to work in cross functional teams across product, design and delivery, to ensure fast, scalable and effective results for our clients.
  • Innovative and creative. Using design thinking and other tools to understand user needs and pain points.
  • Focused on Agile delivery, failing fast, creating MVPs and delivering continuous iterative improvements.
  • Collaborative and inclusive in their ways of working.
  • Looking to thrive in fast-paced delivery environments.
  • Interested in utilising new technologies to solve complex problems for users and businesses.

Reimagining the way we work

Hybrid working is becoming a day-to-day reality at Capgemini. Find out more about flexible working, connected spaces, and borderless opportunities at Capgemini.

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