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How to make pharma manufacturing more energy efficient

And why it really matters

Global volatility in energy markets looks set to continue for some time. This means organisations in all industries need to make energy efficiency their primary concern. But it is of the utmost importance for energy-intensive sectors with low margins, such as metallurgy, pulp and paper, and fertilizers. In some cases, companies in these sectors have been forced to cease operations. If the pharmaceutical manufacturing, which is considered an energy-intensive space, is going to thrive throughout this period of volatility, it needs to get serious about how it sources, stores, and uses energy. This is because just a 15-20% increase in energy bills would lead to higher medicine prices and disruption to production. So, what’s the next step?


One of the main levers pharma companies can use is data and digital. The information generated by Capgemini Invent’s technological systems can improve energy performance management. Our holistic approach to energy uses data and digital solutions to target renewable sources, energy reduction plans, and infrastructural improvements. Our new Life Sciences PoV expands on this, highlighting the transformative potential of our technological systems. We can help pharma companies control, optimise, and modify their operational framework for quick wins and long-term growth. Moreover, we bring pharma companies up to speed with market movements and outline strategies to harness the advantages of energy efficiency. Our reduce, reuse, and maintain or replace methodology can return the power to pharmaceuticals.

How to Make Pharma Manufacturing More Energy Efficient: And why it really matters

Energy is becoming a key pillar of big pharma’s industrial sustainability strategy. To take this trend in its stride, the industry must embrace the development of renewables and energy efficiency.

It is vital organisations make the right decisions at the right time. This includes capitalising on the latest developments, new products and services, and avenues for growth. We ensure our partners are never left behind. We know how profoundly technology changes societies because we’ve supported organisations through paradigm-defining innovation. Today, we use our expertise to target the next big thing and unlock opportunities for growth within the new era of sustainability.

Capgemini’s industry expertise is comprised of over 325,000 team members in 55 countries. Our combined experience is our greatest asset. Having been founded over 50 years ago, we have acquired an ability to thrive throughout volatility, adapting and evolving when necessary. With over 30 strategic partnerships, we have the resources to meet challenges great and small.

Every Capgemini initiative is a manifestation of our seven core values: honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, fun, modesty, and team spirit. After careful consideration, these were the values we identified as integral to long-term success. We aim to deliver consistent quality that adheres to sustainable practices while maintaining transparency.

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