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Prototypes of AI co-thinkers

COMING SOON: Findings from a new joint experiment by Capgemini Invent and Thinkers50 exploring the potential of GenAI in real management scenarios.

With the GenAI revolution, we are stepping into the ‘future of management’. This transformative shift is just starting, but the pace of change is rapid.

In the ebook published with HBR Italy on  “Generative AI for Strategy and Innovation” The Management Lab by Capgemini Invent explored AI’s potential to transform 10 popular management theories and practices by experimenting with ChatGPT.  This sparked the question – how can we make AI’s potential real in management, which led to our vision, ManagementGPT.  

Think of it as having a Co-Thinker, well-versed in a variety of management practices, engaging managers in valuable human-machine conversations on complex topics and trade-offs. To make ManagementGPT a reality there’s a gap to fill. Today, the performance of pre-trained open large foundation models in relation to management theories suffers from the limited availability of specific context, related methodological prompts and advanced guardrails.

To fill this gap our Capgemini Invent’s Management Lab joined forces with leading management thinkers, who are part of the unique Thinkers50 community, to develop AI Co-Thinker prototypes. The values guiding our journey are curiosity, collaboration, discovery, and the pursuit of making good, responsible management achievable for everyone.

Get a sneak peek of ManagementGPT!

We are beta-testing 3 co-thinkers addressing relevant management needs spanning from strategy, business model innovation, and organizational culture. Our findings and recommendations will be shared in a report coming later this year.

Download a preview of the study today & register your interest to receive the findings when released.


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Elisa Farri

Vice President | Co-lead of The Management Lab by Capgemini Invent
Elisa Farri is an author, advisor and former researcher at the Harvard Business School Europe Research Center. She nurtures relationships with management thinkers at the world’s top business schools. She is a member of the Thinkers50 Radar Class of 2023 and co-lead of Capgemini Invent’s Management Lab, a global think-tank that aims to democratize management and bridge the latest management ideas into practice.

Paolo Cervini

Vice President | Co-lead of The Management Lab by Capgemini Invent

Gabriele Rosani

Director of Content & Research at The Management Lab by Capgemini Invent
Gabriele Rosani works at the intersection of strategy, innovation, and sustainability. For over a decade he has been researching, designing, and testing new management frameworks and tools, collecting lessons learned and best practice cases. He is a regular contributor to leading management magazines: He also contributed to several management books curated by Thinkers50 and the Business Ecosystem Alliance