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Work Experience 2021

The world of work and education has looked very different for us all this past year. With that in mind Capgemini revamped its Work Experience Programme in 2020. Despite the continuing pandemic situation, we still want to provide you with a virtual experience that encompasses practical skills and engagement from our talented professionals across the business. So, if you are interested in Technology, Business or Consulting then you are at the right place!

                <p>We’ll also help you develop your employability and entrepreneur skills such as building networks, interpersonal relationships, problem solving, organisational skills, communication, creative thinking, and collaboration with our additional skills builder session.</p>

We are opening for applications on 5th April for all Scottish students who want to apply for a weeks work experience with us. The week we will be hosting you is 7th June, so come back to this page and find out how to apply.

We look forward to opening our virtual doors and welcoming you to Capgemini in 2021!
Good Luck

If you have any questions/problems with access, then please do email the work experience team

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