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Intelligent business operations

We help you to transform your business operations – and deliver the Frictionless Enterprise.

The Frictionless Enterprise seamlessly connects processes and people, intelligently, as and when needed. It dynamically adapts to your organization’s circumstances to address every point of friction in your business operations. We have used this approach to enhance cohesion across our entire suite of products and services. This enables us to respond rapidly to your changing requirements and deliver specific business outcomes in a value-focused way. We help you detect, prevent, and overcome frictions, taking advantage of our latest thinking, organizational design, and intelligent solutions to provide truly effortless operations.

Capgemini’s Business Services

The Frictionless Enterprise is a business and outcome-driven approach from Capgemini, with AI and analytics at its heart, enabling the seamless, intelligent flow of information across an ecosystem of employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Success stories

Unlock value through next-generation, AI-augmented operations. These will transform your finance function into one that drives frictionless, enterprise-level outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and top-line growth to your business.

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Put your people at the center of your HR value proposition. Do that by deploying digital platforms that give them a frictionless experience, while transforming the way you address your talent and workforce challenges.

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Transform your organization with an integrated, frictionless, and customer-centric supply chain function that delivers cognitive, touchless operations and transparent data-driven decision-making. This will result in increased revenue, profitability, and working capital, as well as greater customer satisfaction. 

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Put your customers at the center of your business operations by integrating humans and machines to deliver a digital, AI-infused ecosystem of connected, persona-influenced services and platforms. These will drive a more meaningful, productive, and frictionless relationship between your customers and employees. 

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Intelligent Process Automation leverages a unique and differentiating approach that encompasses an end-to-end perspective from ideation to production. It enables you to seek guidance on starting an automation journey, scale up operations, enjoy sustainable automation benefits, and pursue capability growth and innovation that benefits from our world-class capability, and vertical and horizontal process experience. 

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    Discover our digital global enterprise model

    Our digital business transformation platform encompasses the tools and techniques for reshaping and streamlining your business processes.

    Discover Digital Twin

    Establish the foundations of frictionless transformation and continuous innovation with our digital twin solutions.

    Discover our ESOAR methodology

    A unique and straightforward transformation methodology.

    Discover our partners

    Our ecosystem of technology partners adds enhanced value to our clients.

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      Recognition for our work from leading market analysts and advisors.

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        Industry awards from the last three years for our work in Intelligent Business Operations.

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          Expert in Finance Transformation

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          Expert in Insights & Data

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          Expert in HR Outsourcing, HR Transformation

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          Expert in People & Performance Strategy