Allen Gilbert

Executive Vice President, Head – Financial Services Global Operations, Capgemini


Executive Vice President, Head – Financial Services Global Operations, Capgemini

Allen Gilbert is the Executive Vice President and Head of Financial Services Global Operations at Capgemini. In his current role, he is responsible for designing and implementing business strategies, managing global supply chain, competitiveness and oversees daily operations of the company for global financial services institutions. He is an active contributor to the Capgemini Group Engagement Management Board which coaches, builds and upskills project managers across the organization. He sits on the Capgemini Corporate Social Responsibility Board and actively contributes to several social actions across the community.

Allen bears more than 24 years of experience in the financial services sector. He is a technologist who has a track record of successfully delivering several transformation programs for clients specializing in large-fixed price projects delivery, focusing on delivery efficiencies and productivity improvements. Allen’s expertise lies in business transformation, with the experience and knowledge of working with several clients on improving delivery and operational efficiencies. He is passionate about bringing process efficiencies and has worked closely with client teams to champion process implementation to enhance the metric measurements and to strengthen the working relationships between partners.

Allen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Madras.