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Next-Generation Financial Services


The Future of Banking is connected, insights-driven, obsessed with Customer Experience and sustainable.
And sometimes even invisible.

What is the future of Banking?

Inspire innovation and attract 10x talent

  • Establish new leadership styles and mindsets that attract talent
  • Nurture 10x talent and enable them to innovate nextgen financial solutions
  • Develop Sense Capabilities to read and analyze the weak signals in the marketplace
  • Create the necessary flexible IT, Processes and Way of Working to respond to these new developments before the competition
  • Learn from the best native next-generation banking businesses across industries

Explore and unlock new business models for next-generation banking

  • Create a vision and strategy to grow via next-generation banking models
  • Grow into new markets, business areas and customer segments for next-gen financial services
  • Shape new customer propositions and “intelligent products” for the next generation of customers
  • Explore new revenue streams through data monetization and eco-system partnerships
  • Leverage ESG for growth instead of a compliance action

Shape profitable and scalable next-gen financial services & operations

  • Position customer experience as the north star for your operations
  • Establish industrial-strength automated operations with scale for zero manual intervention
  • Develop artificial intelligence and analytics as core organizational DNA
  • Support top customer experience and reduce cost through Omni-channel optimization
  • Create componentized operations that enable various market/product/customer strategies with low cost and high margins

The creation and delivery of digital products and services in a world where everyone can become a creator opens up massive opportunities. How can banks grow in the Creator Economy?

Platforms already drive the consumer business and banks have mostly missed to be a key player. However, there is a significant opportunity for banks to build industry platforms. There banks can manage an industry-wide eco-system enabling companies to co-create and trade – with banks infusing commercial banking capabilities and adjacent services.

Applying Artificial Intelligence to offer intelligent propositions and smart servicing that can be seamlessly embedded in partner ecosystems.

Native digital firms set the bar high and create best practices in Customer Experience – banks need to learn and adopt these best practices for banking.

The de-composition and re-assembling of value chain components open a broad range of business strategies and new-generation banking models.

Banking as a service enables banks to open up their products, services and infrastructure to financial and non-financial firms – creating new revenue sources through a holistic approach to next-gen financial solutions.

next gen financial sulutions

Our Experts

Michael Zwiefler

Global Leader Financial Services Strategy and Innovation

Stanislas de Roys

Managing Director, Capgemini Invent
I have over 20 years of experience working with Financial Services lead players in Asia, North America and Europe. I have lived and worked in several countries across 3 continents and am currently based out of Paris. I lead Capgemini Invent’s activities with banks and insurers across the globe, and support industry leaders on topics such as innovation strategy and business transformation.

Joachim von Puttkamer

Global Head of Banking, Capgemini Invent