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Market Diagnosis

The Life Sciences industry is facing major challenges: payers’ pressures to reduce costs, decline in R&D productivity, shift to personalized therapies, fast growing competition of emerging markets…They need to transform production & supply chain to make them more efficient, flexible and agile.

Digital can unlock a new wave of performance improvement:

  • Digitalization helps securing process robustness and proving stability on batch level, as medicine is shifting from the one-drug-fits-all approach towards individualized therapies, and processes need to move from big batches to small ones.
  • Advanced connected solutions can offer a 360-degree view of plant operations with the ability to drill down to any level of detail at any stage of product development, to enable tracking & tracing across the whole supply chain.
  • In a strongly regulated environment with stringent constraints on product quality, there is no place for human error. Digital solutions, including IoT, mixed realities and smart automation reduce the risks of human error.


Productivity boost when collaborative robotics is implemented


Reduction of unplanned downtime of equipment thanks to Industrial IoT solutions

Consequently, the skills needed in the workforce will shortly be radically different from those valued today. Such a transformation must be met with appropriate training solutions and learning strategies.

Successful training programs must support the organization evolving needs, be adaptable and rely on  the right infrastructure for development, deployment and administration.

  • Digital Technologies when applied to training procedures can deliver safer and enhanced learning experiences together with measurable improvements in the important KPIs, like training time and time-to-competency.
  • The common Digital Technology backbone enables to deliver an accelerated and almost seamless transition from training to operations, without disturbing the lines and equipment time planned for operations.

Our value proposition

We deliver digital solutions to transform our client’s training procedures into safer, faster, more attractive and efficient learning experiences for their employees.

  • We provide our clients an end-to-end solution, from training process streamlining, going through learning strategy definition to development & implementation of digital solutions.
  • We achieve tangible, measurable results & KPIs, thanks to our extensive experience in regulations, product lifecycle management and digital solutions.
  • Our digital solution expertise center combined to Life Sciences & pedagogic specialists will bring the best insights through benchmarks amongst major Life Sciences players combined to other sectors experience’s feedbacks.

Deploying our deep knowledge of pharma operations & regulation in a lean based approach, our team will: 
• Map the training processes & benchmark their performance 
• Analyse the operational processes to identify required competencies & current training path. 
• Share with the teams the AS-IS picture, efficiency sources and  associated recommendations, stakes.. 
• Build a prioritized transformation plan  to achieve a streamline system 
• Support the  transformation before going digital

Guarantee the best pairing between the training needs and the state of the art of digital training tools on a pedagogic approach.

• Transforming the list of needs into objectives (Bloom Taxonomy & SMART philosophy)
• Clustering objectives based on Knowledge, knowhow and Interpersonal Skills
• Create overall learning paths
• Define stakes & Efforts matrix criteria
• Select the pairing between training candidates and digital solutions

To fulfill the strategy and objectives, we develop and implement customized digital training solutions by integrating state of the art learning alternatives and technologies:

• E-Learning
• Serious Game
• Augmented MooC/SpoC
• Virtual Classroom
• Micro Learning
• Video Learning
• AR and VR Training


We were trusted to lead the connection between the quality of the training with the strategic and disruptive objectives of the company. By winning the production of the new cutting-edge vaccine, our client invested in a new building and had to train 250 people who will be responsible of the manufacturing process. Our data analytics-driven solution resulted in the elaboration of a successful training plan for all employees with accurate budget estimation of the technical solutions, to their te…


    We succeeded in helping our client to digitize and make more attractive its training process, by delivering impactful e-learnings, quizzes and serious games. Our client wanted to train people on the Controlled Atmosphere Zones (CAZ) in the Biolaunch production workshop. We provided an end-to-end management from design & development of the technical solutions, to their testing & validation. Our disruptive trainings were more interactive, immersive and efficient.


      We made the acquisition of technical skills more didactic and entertaining. Regulations on chemical substances are becoming numerous, complex and restrictive for manufacturers. In this context, our client, wished to set up a training on the objectives and operation of chemicals regulations – especially REACH, with their impacts our client’s employees. We provided an end-to-end solution delivered through a disruptive 60 minutes e-learning module.


        We designed a virtual and interactive training to teach operators the importance to keep clean rooms safe, improving their sanitary practices and operational excellence. Out client set up specific rules regarding cleanliness in clean rooms and wanted to digitalize an existing training, in order to provide these requirements and take advantage of the opportunity to update the content. We offered a 60 minutes e-learning, including theoretical parts, quizzes and tailored practical contents.