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Our Insights & Data offering enables business and IT leaders to increase and unify organizational data maturity in their quest for data-driven value. We merge local insights with globally proven frameworks to help clients stay ahead in a world where change happens in a split second. Read more about our data services below.

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Capgemini is the leading data service partner in transformations and projects related to sustainability analytics. We’re helping leading organizations in industrial manufacturing to organize, understand, and extract business value from their data.

Sustainable IT

Sustainability Transformation

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Successful data projects boil down to change management. We acknowledge that tech is the easy part, but changing mindsets and culture is difficult. Our services help you get your organization on board by aligning the people, tools and processes related to the transformation at hand. Increase data maturity, break silos, and form a culture that supports data-enabled business development.
Our data strategy offering supports you with following
Data management advisory: data governance, meta data and data catalogs, data quality
Data and AI strategy
Master data: advisory and solutions
Examples of tools: Alation, Informatica, Microsoft, Profisee, Stibo

A solid data architecture is a prerequisite for a successful data strategy. We’ll help you set up and manage a modular tech stack that caters to specific and broad data requirements without limiting the pace of innovation. Get the resources and expertise you need to modernize your data estate and handle data cost-effectively with the most robust cloud data platforms.
Our data engineering and platform offering supports you with following
Data estate modernization
Cloud data platforms: data warehousing, data lakes, data mesh
Data architecture: data modelling, reference architectures, data security
Examples of technologies: Microsoft Azure, AWS, SAP, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, Databricks

Our services and solutions in data visualization, reporting, and augmented analytics turn data into more than just a report. Don’t settle for a retrospective view. Instead, fuel transformations, innovation, and sustainability with inspiring and actionable insights.
Our analytics offering supports you with following
Analytics 2.0: augmented and self-service analytics
Data visualization and reporting
Sustainability analytics: data for net zero, sustainability data hub, ESG reporting
Examples of tools: PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau

Jump to the next stage of artificial intelligence by making it scalable. Our services in data science, optimization, advanced analytics, and MLOps help productize solutions and services based on AI and machine learning. Define the next big thing together with our leading AI and data science experts.
Our AI and ML offering supports you with following
Scalable AI: MLOps, decision optimization, predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Knowledge graphs: graph technologies, property and semantic graphs
Examples of technologies: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Databricks, Sagemaker, Neo4J, Tigergraph

Connect with local experts

Roosa Säntti

Head of Insights and Data, Capgemini Finland
Roosa Säntti is heading Insights & Data practice in Finland and is also an active member of Capgemini’s global I&D Innovation Network. Roosa is a business builder by heart and believes that with data, we can truly drive businesses and society towards a more sustainable future.

Minna Lind

Head of Data Management & Analytics
Minna manages a team of Data Management Consultants and Data Analysts supporting customers with their data management and data visualisation solutions. Minna’s heart beats for data governance and metadata management which form the solid ground for other data and AI capabilities.

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