Take a look at our interview tips to apply to Capgemini with confidence.

We know interviews can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking – so we’re here to share some interview tips to help you succeed your application, and answer some of the questions you probably have! So whether you’re preparing for your first conversation with us or you’re a seasoned pro, we want to help you showcase your skills as best as possible, and shine.

So let’s dive in and make your experience with us truly remarkable!

CV tips

Keep your CV tidy and concise, while sharing details about the impact you created in your previous positions. Highlight any special skills you might have to make your CV stand out from the rest. And share your LinkedIn profile so that we can get to know you!

    Cover letter tips

    A cover letter is optional in your application process, but if you prefer to include one, highlight why you're applying for the position and what makes you the perfect fit. And remember – simple can often be the most effective!

      The interview is where you can talk about yourself.

      Think about how you can tell your story – how your personal and professional experiences make you the right person for the job.

      Share your achievements, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the lessons you’ve learned. Highlight the skills that will help you convince us to offer you the job!

      Take a closer look into the role that you’re applying for.

      Learn all you can about what we’re doing in the industry or sector that you’re applying to, the services we provide, and any latest news that will really show the interviewer that you’re curious, passionate about what you, and the right person for the job.

      The more you know about our Values and our culture, the better you’ll be able to understand how we operate at Capgemini.

      And follow us on social media to get a glimpse on we are up to.

      You may have a lot of questions about the role, the team, the organization, and more.

      The interview is the place to ask those questions.

      Think through the questions you’d like to ask, make a list, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you’re unsure about anything.

      We’d love to get to know you for who you are.

      Be your authentic self during the interview, feel free to share your thoughts, and don’t be afraid to ask if there’s anything you haven’t understood.

      Above all, be natural!

      Any questions? Read our FAQs

      How should I prepare for an interview?

      Capgemini has a vast variety of roles available. Read through the job description and the requirements again carefully, and think about the specific skills you can bring to the role.

      Prepare to share your story with the interviewers: Who you are, what you’re passionate about, why you’re attracted to this job in particular, and what makes you the perfect candidate. And if you’re an experienced candidate, prepare a summary of your achievements in your current and past organization.

      Remember, an interview is a means of getting to know you. So be yourself in your interview – be authentic!

      Most likely your interviewer will explain all the interview steps to you in advance so that you can prepare accordingly.

      The recruitment process may vary as per the role. The interview could take place in person, on video, or by phone. But don’t worry – you’ll be informed about the process by our recruitment team in advance.

      Continue to browse our website to learn more about the services we provide, the industries we serve, who we are, and what we do. Follow us on social media to learn more about the organization.

      Preparing for an assessment test involves understanding the instructions, finding a quiet place, practicing with sample tests, managing your time, and having scratch paper for notes and calculations.

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