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For the media and entertainment industry, it’s always been about the content. But who delivers it, how they do it, and how well they do it – those are the game-changers.

To succeed in this market, everything needs to pivot around individual customers. Who are they? How do they behave? And how do organizations respond, with content production, delivery and consumption that excites them – and that also creates business value?

At Capgemini, we work with industry leaders. We help them understand the changing environment, and also their customers. We help them reach people, and get close to them. We’re committed to digital transformation. But also, in this market, we know it’s all about the content – and the customer, too

Winning the third era of the streaming war

Success strategies for streaming-service companies in a hyper-competitive media landscape

Gain flexibility, operating efficiency, and complete control of your theatrical distribution. DEX is a sophisticated reporting tool that enables you to analyze sales and performance while reducing costs. Grow your business and stay one step ahead.

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5G makes possible not just new services, but new ways of selling, invoicing, and measuring. We can help you imagine, create, and derive value from service and business models of the future – and make your customers happy, too.

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Achieve true differentiation and deepen your relationship with consumers through our unified solution that measures and optimizes ad performance across all platforms, delivering a better return on investment.

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Maximizing revenue with ad sales transformation

The success of media companies today hinges on both revenue and viewership. Consumers now demand seamless and personalized experiences at continuously rising standards. Read how we stepped in to support a leading media client with the transformation of its ad sales. 

    SAP S/4HANA – or the power to transform media and entertainment

    A strong digital core provides the agility to drive real business transformation.

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